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“I think it is easy to underestimate the role that a professional book publisher like Sue can play in shaping your book…” says Vicki Wusche author of three highly successful books about property investment.

At SRA we know that books are powerful tools. Books change people with their messages and their stories. Every book published has the potential to create a ripple in the world. Sometimes those ripples even turn into waves, waves of change. It is our mission to work with our authors to make that happen.

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Writing the right book

You have knowledge and expertise to make yourself an authority in your field. You are ready to take centre stage and write your book, but how do you know you’re writing the right book?

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Publishing in the right way

Nowadays there are so many ways you can publish your book. Do you self-publish? Do you pitch your idea to a publisher? Do you need an agent? How do I know which is the best way to publish my book?

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Reaching the right readers

Your book is published but now what? Are people reading it? Are the right people reading it? How do you make sure your book is reaching the right readers?

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Do people keep asking when you’re going to write a book? Does publishing a book seem like an impossible mountain to climb? Do you need to share your expertise in your field with a wider audience? Are you looking for a bigger platform from which to project your ideas? Apply today to become part of the exciting new Authority Guides Series.

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