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The Business of Books 

Sue Richardson is an energetic, engaging and motivating speaker who demonstrates to business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders how they can build their business and profile through publishing.

Sue’s speaking style is friendly and encouraging as she expertly explains all the persuasive reasons for publishing whilst sharing inspiring stories of successful authors who have revolutionised their businesses since putting their name to a book.

📞 07740 283247

“Refreshing…. Sue has a very strategic viewpoint”

Phil Olley

“Inspirational! You really need to listen to Sue.”

Jackie Handy

“Enlightening and informative… Sue really knows her business”

Steve Catchick

“Sue encapsulates everything you need to think about from the beginning.”

Paulette Kumar

“Super-easy to understand, Sue puts her message across simply and clearly”

Jackie Handy

📞 07740 283247