Vicki Wusche

Vicki Wusche

Vicki is focused on helping clients who have access to financial resources to develop their property businesses, and achieve financial security.

Vicki’s clients recognise that this is a once in a generation opportunity to build long-lasting financial security for their families, and to secure and leverage their hard-earned wages before inflation erodes them.

The clients, however, simply lack the time, knowledge or experience to take advantage of the great cash flow that property can bring – that’s where Vicki’s fully managed property sourcing service comes into play. Over the last two years Vicki has noticed that an increasing number of clients also want to take a more active role in their business development. As a business mentor and former university lecturer she has the skills and experience to help. If you are interested to know more please contact her:
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Vicki freely admits she now has the writing bug and having published three books in a year she is now writing her fourth and fifth books!

What publishing has done for Vicki

‘I was recognised as one of the UK’s Top 25 Most Influential People in Property in 2013–4. I can say without a doubt that my books did that!

‘Books are your sales and marketing team. Better than half a dozen cold sales callers.
People buy my books one of two ways; in person from me at a live event where I have just spoken – or direct from retailers like Amazon. There is just one outcome – more sales opportunities.

‘People hear me speak and then will buy the books if I have done a good job and given value, or provoked their thinking. If they feel it’s relevant, they want more, and a book (or DVD) provides that opportunity for them to continue getting to know me in the comfort of their own home.

‘If they buy direct from Amazon or through a book shop some of that personal touch is lost and that is why the book is part of a marketing strategy. I use YouTube as a way to give those book buyers a chance to get to know me better. Of course, there also needs to be a product or service ready for the warmed-up client to step into.

‘In the early days I was delighted to sell books live and be asked to sign a copy. As I got more experienced I realised it was less about making £10 a book and more about an opportunity to speak to someone who was interested in what I had to say and what I had to offer – it was the first step in building a relationship. Of the people that buy the book after hearing me speak I would say that around 50% go on to buy further services or extend their engagement with me in some way.

‘Of course, there are others who are buying the books both in print form and ebook version through Amazon, iTunes and other online booksellers.

‘The books have definitely helped to build my credibility with potential and actual clients. People feel like they know me and so like me and want to work with me. As I said at the start, each book is the equivalent of a member of a sales team. Instead of making cold sales calls, my books attract people already warm to the idea of working with me.’

What Vicki says about working with SRA Books

‘I thought there can’t be that much to it – publishing a book. Just get a freelancer or two and ask a friend to help … And it worked … sort of. Then I spoke to Sue – a consummate professional – she handled the whole process. But that was the easy part.

‘I think it is easy to underestimate the role that a professional book publisher like Sue can play in shaping your book; from the process of the initial strategy meeting (that definitely helped shape the book into a much better product) through to the advice on the structure and content and finally on to detailed copy-editing and proofreading.

‘I felt that Sue and her team wanted me to publish the best book I possibly could – and, of course, that was what I wanted as well. What more could you ask from your publishing team?! Thank you so much. Here’s to books 4 & 5.’