Tom Evans

Tom Evans

Tom is an engineer at heart who loves taking things apart, working out how they work and then re-assembling them into improved versions. His career started at the BBC where he was fascinated by the magic of television. These days he is fascinated by the magic of the mind.

He discovered mindfulness meditation in his mid-40s as a respite from a stressful job. The engineer in him found many practical benefits came from regular meditation, such as enhanced creativity and improved productivity.

By getting ‘into the zone’, he discovered how to change the perceived passage of time and how to tap into light-bulb moments on demand. He has written many books on creativity and philosophy. He is an internationally renowned meditation guide and he hosts a popular podcast called The Zone Show. He is an edutaining speaker who will both open your mind and touch your heart.

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What publishing has done for Tom

‘Since publishing my first book over ten years ago, my world has taken off in the most amazing new directions. My books have opened so many doors for me personally and my readers tell me that they have opened many doors in their minds.

‘Soon after publishing my first book, 100 Years of Ermintrude, people started approaching me to help them write and publish their books. Before I knew it I became an author’s mentor. I also trained as a hypnotherapist and became expert at removing writer’s block. I then wrote two books on what blocks creativity and what promotes it, Blocks and The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments.

‘My next books, Flavours of Thought and Planes of Being, were explorations into the nature of conscious based on some esoteric research that I was undertaking.

‘I then wrote This We Know and This We Are which are philosophical explorations into what it means to be human. Some short fictional stories also got thrown into the mix along the way before I wrote a metaphysical exploration called New Magic for a New Era. This book tells some of my life story and is a manual of how to live a charmed and easy life.

‘Most recently, I penned two books on mindfulness called Mindful Timeful Kindful and Managing Time Mindfully.

‘Along the way, unexpectedly I became renowned as a pretty good meditation guide. People seem to like my dulcet British accent but mostly my ability to make meditation fun, accessible and practical.

‘My Authority Guide will be my 13th book and in some ways it summarises much of my earlier work. It is also the first book to be simultaneously published in print, for ereaders and as an audiobook. The reason for this is that it doesn’t just explore mindfulness meditation. It comes with ten 10 minutes guided meditations so that readers and listeners will actually experience the meditative state.’

What Tom says about working with SRA Books

‘I have independently published the majority of my books and am quite adept at all aspects of the writing and publishing process. Working with SRA has been a real breath of fresh air and has helped me write a book with wide appeal in a concise, easy-to-read format. It’s been great to work with a top-notch creative team and not to have had to do it all myself for a change. The resulting book is something I am really proud of and I am looking forward to working with a publisher who is a real partner. We have great plans afoot for making a big splash with this book.’