Robin Hills

Robin Hills

Robin’s focus is on supporting personality and behaviour in business based on the everyday application emotional intelligence. His style as a facilitative, consultative leader is to encourage people to take responsibility and to get involved in a range of practical, business-focused, yet fun, activities that aid and encourage learning on a one-to-one or group basis.

Robin has over 35 years’ business and commercial experience helping executives and leaders develop business performance through increased self-awareness and understanding of others. He is Director of Ei4Change – Emotional Intelligence 4 Change – a company specialising in training, coaching and personal development focused around emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.

His clients include small start-up companies through to large multinational corporates, the public sector (including the NHS) and charities.

Based upon this work, Robin has spoken and delivered keynote speeches and workshops at international emotional intelligence conferences. These have been held in the Middle East, South Africa, India, the United States (Harvard University) and the United Kingdom (the University of Manchester and the University of London).

His educational programmes on resilience and emotional intelligence are used in educational establishments in South Africa and India and he is teaching over 10,000 students in 130 countries.

Robin has managed the Manchester Professional NLP and Emotional Intelligence Network for a number of years; a collaborative network that provides innovative thinking and interactive, evidence-based learning that enables people to ensure that their skills remain relevant and up to date.
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 Why Robin wanted to publish a book

‘Over the years I have resisted publishing a book but recently it became obvious that I was missing a key component in my marketing strategy.

‘A book enables me to build my reputation; it underpins all the work that I have been doing in the field of emotional intelligence over the years.

‘A book enables me to engage with people nationally and internationally – to extend my influence to a wider audience. People hear me speak at conferences and when I facilitate workshops. There is a lot of interest in the presentation and some of the ideas presented.  A book gives them the chance to read about the topic in more detail after the event.  It also acts as a permanent, physical reminder.

‘A book gives credibility and demonstrates expertise in an area. A well written, well designed book can act as a reference source and will be where people go to for information and inspiration about a particular subject. People can read the whole book or part of the book and still get the details that they need. They have easy access to ideas, hints and tips to get the results that they are looking for.  This has been my intention with The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business.

‘I have been overwhelmed by the reaction and response from colleagues, clients and business associates.’

What Robin says about working with SRA Books

‘The first draft of my book had already been written before I spoke to Sue. I had been approached by a number of other publishers and was considering the self-publishing route. The many different stages in the publishing process seemed daunting, with careful planning and consideration needed if the book was to live up to its full potential. With all this taken care of, I could concentrate on other aspects of my business.

‘Sue and her team provided much needed advice on the editorial side of my book, which was done with patience and understanding to ensure that the messages are clear and consistent and presented in a way that readers can understand. A number of people have commented on how different this approach is from other publishers.

‘I would be pleased to recommend anyone interested in publishing a book to work with Sue Richardson Associates. I have already started writing my next book and will be working with Sue and her team to ensure that we are able to capitalise on the glaring gap in the market for the new book.’