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Rob Brown

Rob Brown is founder and CEO of the Networking Coaching Academy and the most recommended networking expert in the world according to LinkedIn. He has trained and coached thousands of professionals to build their reputation and become confident, successful business networkers.

He is author of the hardback book Build Your Reputation – Grow Your Personal Brand for Career and Business Success (Wiley, 2016) and a featured TED speaker, his talk ‘The Personal Brand of You’ has already had 60K views. You can view it here.

Rob’s areas of expertise cover business networking, referrals, influence, trust, likeability, personal branding and reputation. He has worked with clients such as Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, Lloyds, Institute of Directors, General Electric, Federation of Small Businesses, various Chambers of Commerce and a range of professional accounting, legal, finance and recruitment firms.

What publishing has done for Rob

‘I’ve published a number of books before, both with mainstream and independent outfits. The whole process requires discipline, focus and commitment. The outcome is always euphoric – like making a baby or coming up with a new invention. It’s the essence of entrepreneurship – turning nothing into something; transforming an idea or a passion into a tangible contribution.

‘A mentor once told me that unless you’re a JK Rowling writing Harry Potter books that sell millions, writing a book is not something you do for the money. It’s not what the book makes for you, it’s what it makes of you. It’s the person you become in the eyes of your peers, prospects community and clients. And it’s the person you become having gone deep into your topic and discovered new insight, patterns and revelation. That’s what a true expert is. A book is a credibility tool, a legacy and a refiner of character. It’s the ultimate expression of all your learning, your experience and your thinking. Dan Poynter, American book legend and publishing expert, made it his life’s mission to encourage everyone not to die with a book inside them.

‘By publishing The Authority Guide to Networking for Business Growth I have not only gained yet another means to bolster my knowledge on the subject, but also provided the reader with a friendly and comprehensive book on the topic.’

What Rob says about working with SRA Books

‘I’ve known Sue for many years. A constant pioneer in the publishing world, she’s been an advocate of books, learning and writing for a considerable time. The Authority Guides series is a wonderful idea. I’ve seen first hand what a great team Sue has put together to make this work. It’s been a great experience working with them all – everyone has been super efficient, driven, friendly and world class in their approach.’