Michelle Mills-Porter

Michelle Mills-Porter

Michelle Mills-Porter is a business generation specialist and is often drafted in to organisations to help them to: increase sales, find a new route to market, break down big doors or to set up sales teams and generate new streams of income. Michelle is results focused and therefore either leads by example or obtains the results herself, rather than just providing a strategy on paper. She is a speaker, a trainer, a consultant, a global networking giant (see Global Networking Council) and one of the top recommended people on LinkedIn across the globe.

Michelle passionately believes that when we let go of our visual sense, we can learn to enhance our other senses: to listen acutely to what is being said in between the words, to understand the behaviour profile of the person we are conversing with, to match their language and build rapport, to the extent that we appear massively intuitive.

In her first book, Phone Genius, Michelle not only shows us how she has been able to get such remarkable results using the phone as her main tool of communication, but also allows others to unravel the science of non-visual communication and adapt her principles to massively increase our own results. This book is ground-breaking in its field.

Visit Michelle’s website: http://www.ethosdevelopmentltd.co.uk/
or email: michelle@ethosdevelopmentltd.co.uk

Why Michelle wanted to publish a book

‘It has taken me a while to get this book out there because what I teach about phone communication has not been written about before. There is so much more to communication than we give credence to and once the visual aspect of communication is taken away, we have to access our other senses to compensate.

‘As a pioneer in this subject, I wanted this book to be my stake in the ground to establish me as the thought leader. I also wanted to differentiate my teachings from others in the field and, well, to start a revolution in our understanding of phone communication.’

What Michelle says about working with SRA Books

‘With such VIPs as Daniel Kish and Dr Julien Doyne being referenced in my book I could not afford to make mistakes. I had looked at all of the options and it was such a minefield with so much conflicting information. Therefore SRA publishing was initially a safe pair of hands. However, having someone on your side that knows the industry is much more than that and I now have total confidence that my book will be looked after with as much care as I put into it. Sue has been the calm and the sense in this process. I am relying on SRA to handle all of the distribution and the on-going process, so I can get on with promoting the book and writing the next one!’