Mel Sherwood

Mel Sherwood

Mel Sherwood is on a mission to help ambitious entrepreneurs and business professionals take centre stage, embrace the spotlight and present clearly, confidently and credibly. After seeing so many business people doing themselves a disservice through ineffective pitches and presentations (or avoiding public speaking completely!) Mel felt compelled to share the tips she has learned over a lifetime of being on stage. Through her interactive keynotes, masterclasses and workshops, she reveals valuable tools and techniques that support individuals and organisations to design and deliver winning pitches and presentations.

Mel is currently President of the Professional Speaking Association UK and Ireland (Scotland Region), and a multi-award winning speaker, qualified trainer, mediator and NLP Practitioner. Working with individuals and organisations she combines over 20 years’ experience in business with a background as an actor, presenter and singer to help her clients transform their lives through improved communication skills.

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What publishing has done for Mel

‘For quite some time I have been keen to capture the pitching tips and techniques I talk about in my speaking and coaching classes, so I’m really looking forward to being able to share that information with a wider audience through my book. In addition, being an author for The Authority Guides series certainly adds an element of credibility to what I do and I expect it will be a huge benefit as I continue to expand my business. Being able to give a copy of my book to a potential client is a fantastic way to provide a tangible example of what I’m all about and it will be great to be able to refer people to the book to see my #pitchtastic tips in one easy to read publication.’

What Mel says about working with SRA Books

‘Working with SRA Books has been brilliant. As a first time author, I found the team to be incredibly helpful from my initial proposal right through to the published book. Whilst ensuring the book is in keeping with the style of The Authority Guides series, they were open to incorporating my ideas to ensure that it aligned with my business as well. I have really appreciated their guidance and support throughout the entire process and I look forward to continuing to work with them as we promote my book and the entire series going forward.’


The art of delivering the perfect pitch is fundamental to business success. At every stage of the business growth journey having the ability to articulate a clear and concise message about your business and the potential solution you present will help you unlock the full potential of your business, elevate you to that next stage but more importantly demonstrate your backability, credibility and investability. Mel’s book is a fantastic guide that will help you produce and deliver that ‘perfect pitch’ at every key stage of your business growth journey.

Gordon Merrylees
Head of Entrepreneurship – Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest & Ulster Bank

There is a reason Mel is one of the few people who consistently gets people gathering around her at networking events – she’s a master at communicating how she can help them and the benefits of working with her. I’m delighted she’s shared so much of her wisdom in this lovely concise book. It’s packed with practical tips to make networking and speaking to others about your business so much easier. A brilliant read!

Alisoun Mackenzie, The Compassionate Business Mentor
Speaker & Best-Selling Author of Give-to-Profit & Heartatude

 If you want to create special in the world you need to communicate what you are doing and why. You need to be able to paint a picture, tell a story and hook in your potential customer or contact. Mel has articulated how to achieve this in a succinct and meaningful way that allows anyone regardless of experience to create their story. I love the top tips with the overall one being keep it simple! A must read for any entrepreneur growing their business.

Jim Duffy MBE
Co-Founder – Moonshot Academy and Author of Create Special: Think and Act like an Entrepreneur to change your life

Pitching is the number one skill we teach at Entrepreneurial Spark when we support companies as it is so vitally important for a host of reasons. It’s not just about starting a conversation with someone or pitching your business, it helps entrepreneurs understand their own business in detail. Mel has worked with so many entrepreneurs over the last few years to help them encapsulate exactly what they do and share that with the world. I am delighted she has documented this now and everyone in business can learn this important skill through the easy steps she has set out so clearly. Easy to digest and most importantly easy to put into action, what are you waiting for!

Lucy-Rose Walker
CEO – Entrepreneurial Spark