Angi Egan

Angi Egan

Angela ‘Angi’ Egan is someone who defies pigeon-holing. You cannot neatly place her into one expert box over another as she has a wealth of experience in retail, merchandising, health and skincare. She talks about each with an understanding and a contagious passion.

With an instinctive feel for what works, what looks right and what will surprise and delight the customer she is rapidly becoming recognised as one of the most innovative retail specialists. Angi is also an accomplished speaker and presenter and is past President of the Midlands Professional Speaking Association. Her approach is contemporary, highly relevant and totally fresh, and her overriding priority is to maintain a laser like focus on the commercial gains open to business. Her clients describe her as a ‘breathe of fresh air’ filled with wisdom and commonsense, innovation, inspiration and amazing insights into how they can create easy, straightforward profits.

What publishing has done for Angi

‘Afforded me greater “authority” and firmly established me as the “go to” person for retail and brand communication. Becoming published doesn’t simply open doors; it positively tears them off their hinges!

‘Having professionally published books is an invaluable negotiating tool – I no longer have businesses haggling over fees. My books are a fabulous way to add value to consultancy and speaking clients, and they ensure my approach remains in their physical environment as well as their conscious mind.

‘Becoming part of the published world also offers broader benefits – think about how a presence on Amazon helps with your own SEO! My books have rapidly become the best business card in the world, elevating my status, reinforcing my message and cutting through the fog of indistinctive sameness in the most stylish and distinguished way imaginable.’

What Angi says about working with SRA Books

‘We all have a book inside us, or so they say, which is why working with an experienced and knowledgeable specialist is critical to your publishing success. Few things advance your status like being an author so why compromise this status with a poorly edited, amateur publication? I have absolute peace of mind working with SRA because I know every aspect of publication, distribution and marketing will have been considered. I especially love that they think of my needs ahead of their own, but then I would say that wouldn’t I?!?’