Frankfurt here I come!


Sunrise on the plane from Bristol to Frankfurt

As my family and friends will tell you, I’ve never been much good at getting out of bed in the morning. So the alarm waking me at 4 am yesterday was not particularly welcome. After a bleary moment, however, I leapt out of bed with excitement – yes it was time for my first Frankfurt Book Fair!

Grabbing my copy of my current bible, Lynette Owen’s Selling Rights I jumped into the taxi and headed for the airport. As I watched the sun rise through the plane window I contemplated a different kind of dawn ahead of me. The biggest international book fair in the world was about to welcome another new imprint – The Authority Guides. And this time it was one of ours! Seven new business authors (with me being one of them) would be represented for the first time, courtesy of the IPG (Independent Publishers Guild) and the UKTI. Boy, how excited I was!!

Just a few hours later and my Apple watch tells me I’ve walked nearly 15,000 steps or 10.5 km. I fall into bed exhausted after a day of talking, learning, networking, laughing, oh and traipsing the streets looking for a restaurant with a table.

My first day at Frankfurt is over. The rest of the Fair lies before me and promises more meetings of bookish minds, more walking the massive halls seeking out new opportunities, and all sorts of new challenges to stretch this very small and very excited publisher’s world.

Sue Richardson

My book, The Authority Guide to Publishing your Business Book is now available with free postage from our book store.

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