Steve Bustin

Steve Bustin

Steve Bustin is a business communication expert, working with business leaders and their teams to ensure they engage with their customers, staff and the wider world. His clients turn to him for his expertise in public speaking and speech coaching and in, media and PR management and skills.

Steve is an award-winning public speaker, named UK Speaker of the Year 2015 by The Professional Speaking Association (PSA). He speaks internationally at conferences, trade shows and business events on a range of media and communication topics.

Steve started his career as a journalist for BBC News, working across radio and TV channels and continues to write for a number of national magazines and newspapers. He ran PR agency Vada Media for 11 years, specialising in the health, medical and aesthetic sectors, before moving full time into speaking, training and coaching.

As well as his speaking appearances, Steve now works with business leaders as a speech and public speaking coach and with entrepreneurs and business owners as a PR coach, guiding them through the process of undertaking their own PR.

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What publishing has done for Steve

The Authority Guide to Presenting and Public Speaking was my first book and I’ve seen the business benefits already. Having a book based on your expertise is really the ultimate business card – I’ve already secured a number of lucrative contracts by being able to go into a meeting with a potential client and present them with a tangible expression of what I do and what I can do for them and their team.

‘I’ve also been able to start moving leads and contacts into warm prospects by sending them copies of my books in the post and invited a number of existing clients to my book launches, to keep our relationship current. It’s a great way of reminding people that I’m around and how much they like working with me!

‘The process of writing the books has also been incredibly useful as it has made me revisit content I use when coaching, training and speaking. I’ve re-examined what I do and the way I do it, developed new ideas and even jettisoned some elements of my content that I felt weren’t good enough to make it into the books – so aren’t good enough to be used at all!’

What Steve says about working with SRA Books

‘The team at Sue Richardson Associates have been a joy to work with and have made the whole process very easy. I’m used to working as a one-man band and having to do everything myself so it’s been fantastic to have so much support and be able to call on experts for advice and help. It felt very odd sending off my ‘little baby’ as a Word document and receiving a fledgling book and then the real thing in return – but it’s been exciting, rewarding and I have felt in safe hands throughout.’