Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop

Roger Harrop has spent over 25 years leading international businesses, including a plc, which puts him in a unique position to deal with present-day business challenges.

Based in Oxford in the UK, he’s an international business growth speaker who inspires and entertains audiences with his acclaimed Staying in the Helicopter® programmes. Over 20,000 CEOs, business leaders and others in over 45 countries have achieved transformational change through his thought-provoking, entertaining talks laced with real-life stories and humour.

Roger is also an author, business adviser, mentor, consultant and independent director.

He has unusually wide leadership experience … from small start-ups to multinationals … and from high-tech products to basic commodities, people-based service businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Roger spent seven years as Group Chief Executive of a FTSE quoted, high-tech industrial group with 12 sites across 4 continents. The UK Government mentioned it in its ‘Competitiveness’ White Paper. The US Forbes magazine included the group among its list of the top 100 overseas companies. Two business schools have used it as a benchmark case study on culture change and business re-engineering.

Roger has tutored on a leading leadership and teambuilding programme for over 25 years.

He’s a keen windsurfer, mountain biker and classic car enthusiast.

Why Roger wanted to publish a book

‘As an international business expert and professional speaker there is no doubt that your books are your “credibility check”. There is no question that if you are a published author you are seen as an authority on your subject – and that has helped me enormously to build my reputation and business across 40 countries. There is another area where a published book is of great value – these days very few organisations have “glossy” printed brochures as everything is done over the internet but that means to hand out a copy of your book to the potential client, at the right point in the selling process, is an important ingredient.

‘Finally, I work a good deal overseas and there is often significant, added value to be had in offering to autograph your book for delegates – I have had a queue of 40 or 50 before now waiting patiently for my signature.’

What Roger says about working with SRA Books

‘The great thing about working with SRA is that they take time to understand you, your expertise, your reasons for publishing and your needs to ensure the best possible results. They are not anchored in traditional ways of publishing – indeed my new book incorporates new technology through an app, QR codes, videos, animation and white papers and SRA approached this with relish. A comment in a review of the book on Amazon says it all “Coming from a small publishing company, this book has set the standard for what books need to be like in this digital age. Big publishers take note: this is what you should be doing as a minimum these days” – Graham Jones.’