Nikki Owen

Nikki Owen

In 1978 a life-changing experience started my lifelong fascination with charismatic individuals. They create an extraordinary impact on the world. It has taken me over two decades to understand this elusive quality and how it can be enhanced within everyone. My purpose in life is to share my message with business leaders that when they are being true to who they really are, they shine.

Charisma for me is a unifying word and a gateway to understanding the universal principles of our existence and our futility of trying to swim upstream. Charisma is not a skill it is a deep reconnection with who we are at our core. As an award winning speaker and charisma expert I continue to keep pushing the boundaries so that leaders continuously evolve to ever higher levels of consciousness.

Why Nikki wanted to publish a book

‘My autobiography was an international bestseller in the early 1990s, so I have always been acutely aware of the impact of publishing a book. The reason I have published Charismatic to the Core is because it is the legacy I wish to leave the world.

‘As a speaker a book gives you credibility, generates an easy passive revenue stream and provides a unique form of introducing yourself to potential clients. It only takes one influential person to resonate with your book and the impact is enormous.

‘One of the less obvious benefits I have found is that writing a book adds even more depth to my own knowledge so I genuinely feel better equipped to deal with the media, difficult audiences and tough, cynical CEOs. It has also been a hugely rewarding experience as I’ve plotted the twists and turns of my journey that have lead me to this moment.’

What Nikki says about working with SRA Books

‘My initial dealing with Sue Richardson Associates was a straightforward coaching session designed to help me secure a publisher. I instantly liked Sue’s approach. I trusted her and she really knew her stuff. I stopped my search for a publisher and chose to publish my book with Sue Richardson Associates. From the very first moment through to the point of publication and beyond Sue’s team have been ruthlessly efficient, charmingly persuasive and extremely professional. I have in my hands a book that I feel exceedingly proud to hold. My book has been enhanced and presented to a standard that goes way beyond my expectations. I made the right decision!’