Joolz Lewis

Joolz Lewis

Born in Wales to a Welsh father and French mother, Joolz Lewis has always looked at life from the outside in. Studying languages and spending long periods of time abroad – from Spain to the US to India – reinforced her passion for helping people understand human and cultural dynamics, especially when played out in the workplace.

After the bubble burst on a 5-year stint living the corporate dream in the US, Joolz embarked on an 18-month-long sabbatical that took her from California to the Andes, the Burning Man festival in Nevada and to an ashram in India. Back in the UK her mission has been to inspire and enable business leaders to realise their dreams for personal success while making a difference to others.

Today Joolz coaches and mentors visionary and courageous leaders to connect to their purpose, and to realise their own and others’ potential. She also consults with organisations that want to grow in the right way, with universal human values at the heart of their business.

Her philosophy is simple. That deep down, each of us wants to be happy, and that happiness lies in balancing personal success with an innate desire to leave a legacy – big or small. She successfully integrates years of spiritual practice with business experience that is down to earth and practical – integrating heart and mind.

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