John Dashfield

John Dashfield

I am a transformational coach, mentor and writer specialising in helping professional service businesses, particularly in the financial services sector.

I have been a small business owner since 1991 when I set up my financial advice practice. In 2002 I began to follow my interest in coaching people and sold my financial practice in 2005 to concentrate solely on coaching and mentoring. Since then I have worked with individuals and firms all over the UK as well as clients in Europe, Australia and the US.

My passion has always been to support people to realise their potential and achieve what really matters to them. For 30 years I have been exploring practical psychology, self-help, spirituality and business development. In 2011, quite by chance, I came across a little known yet revolutionary field known as the ‘three principles’. Since then I have focused upon teaching, coaching and mentoring this understanding and have found that, both for myself and my clients, it leads to improved performance, healthier functioning and better results more effectively and sustainably than anything else I have come across.

Why John wanted to publish a book

‘Writing a book, for me, just seemed like a very natural thing to do. I could see the amazing changes people experienced after learning the three principles and I wanted to reach a larger group of people beyond my personal clients.

‘I have always loved books. There is something enduring about a published book. Writing one makes you put a stake in the ground. You have to be clear about what you want to communicate and, hopefully, deliver it in a way that your audience will find interesting, palatable and, ultimately, useful.

‘My work introduces something that goes against much of the conventional wisdom around human performance and potential. By creating a book I believe it will give people an opportunity to more deeply consider the ideas and in a way that will make sense to them in their everyday lives.’

What John says about working with SRA Books

‘I was introduced to Sue and made a mental note of what she did. A couple of years later I called her up and we met to discuss my writing project.

‘Sue and her team have made the whole process of creating a book straightforward and stress free. They are professional, helpful and make you feel valued. They are totally invested in the success of their clients and that is of the utmost importance to me.’