Gerry Harrington

Gerry Harrington

As a registered nurse and midwife both in hospitals and in the community my love of horses began when I was a small child and put on the back of a seemingly giant grey horse. This boosted my enthusiasm to learn as much as I could about horses, and later I went on to gain British Horse Society examinations in order to mix my love of nursing and equine careers. I am a great believer in teaching through enjoyment and realised how horses have helped so many people with their problems in life. I went on to gain a degree in teaching and have continued to work with people with disabilities for many years.

The realisation that many people do not know or understand how the horse can help people with disabilities encouraged me to write a ‘simple to read’ book for parents, teachers and social workers. It’s not a ‘quick fix’ solution, but the responses from people when they are first introduced to a horse will demonstrate how the motivation starts to provide the essential key to begin therapy.

Why Gerry wanted to publish a book

‘By publishing this book I hope to increase awareness of how valuable the horse may be in helping people with disabilities to fulfil their potential and increase the quality of their lives. By showing progress through the school years and onwards, to finding a vocation, and following some young people’s stories, the book will enable parents to have another choice for their children with difficulties. The book gives an insight into how consistent, methodical training with animals can improve behaviour, aid physical, emotional, and learning difficulties just through animal responses to us as humans.’

What Gerry says about working with SRA Books

‘I heard of Sue Richardson Associates through another author and was astounded by the fact that Sue herself was prepared to meet me face to face to discuss my plans. She and her team encouraged me throughout and were on top of their game when it came to actually completing the work and publishing. I cannot thank Sarah and Sue enough for all their help which has helped me to become an expert in my field.’